What the Ladies Need to Know: Chapter Two

What the Ladies Need to Know: Chapter Two

June 1, 2021

The transition to One Moose is finally complete!  There are some changes to the Women of the Moose… 

New Member Application Process: New members, men or women, will first need to apply for a Moose Membership. The cost is currently $50 since the application fee is waived. The cost will be $70 after July 31, 2021. After the member has been enrolled and has a Moose ID number, women can apply for a Women of the Moose Membership. Men can apply for a Moose Legion membership. For either, a new application form needs to be filled out and the cost is $15 (no application fee is charged). Although any active member can sponsor a new member into the Lodge, women can only be sponsored by active Chapter members into the Wom-en of the Moose, and men can only be sponsored by active Legion members into the Moose Legion. 

Chapter Meetings: The Chapter is now only required to have ONE Chapter meeting per month. The meetings will be held on the third Monday of the month at 6:00. The Board of Officers Meeting will be held the same night at 5:30. Higher Degree Ceremonies (Academy of Friendship, Star Degree, and College of Regents) will be held on the first Monday of the designated month. FIVE qualified members will constitute a Quorum, with ONE qualified officer. The Green Cap is now known as the Golden Gavel. 

Officer Positions: The Junior Regent and Assistant Guide positions have been eliminated. The Junior Past Regent (formerly Jr Graduate Regent) may be appointed if last year’s Senior Regent is unavailable. The Recorder is now called Treasurer, and Secretary/Treasurer is Secretary. A Past Regent may now run for a SECOND TERM!!  

Miscellaneous Items: Just like the Moose Legion, Elected Officers of the Women of the Moose may now be Lodge employees and receive tips. Chapter members may now serve in appointed positions for the Lodge, and may run for elected Lodge positions if they meet qualifications as described in the General Laws. 

If you have any questions, please contact one of the WOTM Officers. 

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