From the WOTM

From the WOTM

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year! We hope all our members celebrated and made some delightful memories with their family during this difficult pandemic, and stayed safe and protected during the holidays. We still have some challenges ahead of us with this lingering pandemic. We have members that did not receive their Academy of Friendship due to the pandemic, we have lost a lot of fundraisers due to this pandemic, our lodge has been closed a time or two, and now we need your help!!   Just a reminder, we will waive the registration fee for anyone who signs up for membership during the Bowling Tournament on January 24 at Jugg’s Bowling Center starting at Noon. We have lost members due to this pandemic and we need to regroup and increase membership. We have A BIG announcement coming for February...so stay tuned!   Nominations will also start in February!  If anyone is interested in running for an elected office, please make it known by writing a message and putting it in the mail slot on the WOTM office door.

We really appreciate everyone’s donations for the recent sock collection.  Jean Clark also donated many hats and mittens.  Thank you to all our volunteers and wonderful members.   We can’t do this without you!

Sincerely, Kim Hetherington, Jr. Grad Regent     Anita Campbell, Secretary/Treasurer     Marsha Warrington-Recorder

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