Sylvania Moose Lodge #1579

An International Organization of Men and Women Dedicated to Caring for Young and Old, Bringing Communities Closer Together, and Celebrating Life.


Upcoming Events

There is always something entertaining and fun to look forward to at our Lodge. Here is a list of a few upcoming events. Come out and show your support while having a great time!
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Lodge Meeting Schedule

Always remember, this is your Lodge. Meetings are the time and place to bring your comments, questions, ideas, and concerns to help improve the Lodge. Please join us!

LOOM General Meetings - 2nd & 4th Mondays of Each Month at 7 pm.

WOTM Chapter Meeting - 3rd Monday of Each Month at 6:30 pm.

Moose Legion Meeting - 2nd Monday of Each Month following Loom General Meeting.

Valued Veterans Meeting - 1st Sunday of Each Month at 6 pm.


Welcome to the Sylvania Moose Lodge established in 1976! We are a local group of volunteer men and women dedicated to family charities and community service. Visit our lodge's social quarters to meet up with friends while enjoying great dining and drink options. Our lodge also offers our members numerous sports and recreational programs to enjoy year-round. Get involved and enjoy all that Sylvania Moose Lodge has to offer.

Marsha Warrington
President, Sylvania Moose Lodge #1579

Recent News

A list of recent articles and notices from your Moose Lodge.
2023-2024 Officer Election Results
April 13, 2023
2023-2024 Officer Election Results
Results from the 2022-2023 Sylvania Moose Officer Elections.
Why Do Women Still Need To Be Chapter Members?
December 8, 2021
Why Do Women Still Need To Be Chapter Members?
Many ladies have asked if there is still a need for Women of the Moose Chapters if we are a unified fraternity? YES, ABSOLUTELY!! While the Women of the Moose have changed over the past 108 years, the mission and purpose have not.
From the Governor
March 13, 2021
From the Governor
Hello Moose members. The snow is melting! In February, the lodge hosted live music on Saturday nights, two Friday Fish Fries, and the OSMA Virtual Mid-year Conference. The cornhole and dart leagues have continued their play. March brings more fun events at the Sylvania Moose Lodge


Some noteworthy announcements from the Lodge!

Moose Accolades

Moose of the Month for August
Jim Solon

WOTM of the Month for August
Jill Woods

Moose of the Year
Georgia Strube

WOTM of the Year
Luann Hayes

Thank you for all you do!


Please keep your moose membership I.D. card with you at all times. If your name is drawn for anything, you must present your card to claim any winnings.

Valued Veteran Request

If you know of a deceased Veteran at Toledo Memorial Park that was also a Sylvania Moose member, please leave their full name and cemetery location, if known, with the office or any employee.

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